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With Royco Packaging you are dealing DIRECTLY WITH THE MANUFACTURER and CONVERTER of MIL SPEC Packaging materials and supplies and are cutting out the middle man. We have been doing this since 1980! Furthermore, we are a GREEN PACKAGING company. All of our power comes from solar energy installed on the roof of our buildings. We leave virtually no carbon footprint in the total operation of our company.

We are easy to deal with and are most willing to help with your MIL-SPEC packaging needs even if you are new to it and need the time to understand it and get what you need. We will never rush you off the phone even if your requirements are small.

Royco Packaging Inc is a Military Spec packaging converter and supplier. Royco Packaging is a converter of Mil Spec barrier rolls, manufacturer of Mil Spec barrier bags and a distributor of Mil Spec packaging supplies. All materials supplied come with full certifications, msds and all other appropriate documentation.

Since 1980, Royco Packaging Inc has been converting and distributing Military Specification Packaging Supplies for military contractors and directly to many of the various defense agencies. Royco Packaging has received numerous awards for it’s products and service. We are a long time GSA contractor. And again, as an added bonus -when dealing with Royco, you are dealing with a green company, with solar energy powering it’s Mil Spec manufacturing plant, warehouse and office facilities. Click here for more information about our Green Packaging Commitment and Facilities.

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