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GREEN PACKAGING MATERIAL options are now available for those using Military Spec Packaging Materials and we’ve got them! Royco Packaging Inc. has gone GREEN!

In the past, there were no real options for those who wanted to use GREEN PACKAGING MATERIALS and stay compliant with Military Specs and military contract requirements. Now Military Spec Packaging material buyers FINALLY have a GREEN PACKAGING MATERIAL option.

Royco has installed solar panels on the roof of our plant and offices and is virtually off the grid. Our installation, a six figure up front cost to us, has been certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Virtually all power used in the manufacture of our products is now powered by solar energy. Our slitters, pouch machines, lighting and heat are all solar powered, resulting in very little carbon consumption or emissions, thereby leaving almost no carbon footprint. On days that we are not operating, the electricity that is produced goes back into the electric company grid for general consumption. We have also replaced all of our lighting to ultra- low consumption fixtures which use approximately one quarter of the power our old fixtures consumed. Review our real-time carbon footprint tracker.

Royco is also committed to being environmentally sensitive by recycling all that we can.

If you have a strong interest in purchasing GREEN PACKAGING MATERIALS for your MILITARY SPEC PACKAGING MATERIAL needs, you now have a real alternative. While we cannot make barrier materials themselves Green in and of themselves , we can now manufacture our pouches, bags and tubing and perform all converting operations using solar power and thus virtually eliminate our use of power that is generated by petroleum, coal or nuclear sources. In the past, the terms green packaging materials and Military Spec Packaging were mutually exclusive. We can now supply you everything we manufacture or convert while adding very little pollution to the environment and thus make military spec packaging materials as GREEN as they can be.

Since 1980, Royco has been manufacturing, converting and distributing military spec packaging materials. Now, you not only can buy your military spec packaging supplies from one of the best in the industry with decades of experience, you will also be buying from an award winning manufacturer who is committed to getting materials to you as environmentally friendly as can be done.

To learn more about Royco Packaging and their history click here.

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